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Real Techniques Sponge and brushes!


Holiday Multitask Set with Travel Case:

Case is AWESOME. Not only does it hold your brushes it also converts into a stand to hold them up whilst doing your makeup!

Blending Brush (purple small blender):

This is pretty standard, works well, blends nicely, that’s all there is to say. 🙂

Cheek Brush (farthest right):

This is amazing for highlighting, contouring and even applying blush. It’s fluffy and tapered so it’s not picking up too much product and also still letting you control where the pigment is going! I LOVE this one and already owned it as well.

Setting brush (Pink middle brush):

I mostly use this just for my under eye area and sometimes the other areas I conceal if I feel the oily-ness will be happening there. But it’s a perfect brush to set under eye makeup. I have even used it a few times to set the primer on my eyelids! Short review of this, but its a great brush, I already owned one that I’ve had for over a year and it’s still amazing, no hairs falling out etc. It’s near new looking, so I’m already super impressed with this one.

 Miracle Complexion Sponge (the orange lump lol):

I will say this is my favorite sponge. I’ve tried off brand, drug store ‘dupes’, the original beauty blender and basically every beauty sponge possible. I have to say this Miracle Complexion Sponge is easily the best one out there.

It’s a realistic shape, it’s affordable for all not just some and it’s just perfect. The pointed end can get into the hard to reach crevasses etc, and the flat side can be for applying foundation, baking, or even just sharpening up contours with whats left over on the sponge to clean up lines. I’ve used these for professional body painting with aqua paints, regular makeup, and for setting powders! It’s truly a multi-use sponge. The cost is the best part along with the shape!

Anyone can use this and really can’t go wrong, although you do want to make sure it’s damp, not wet before use. It’s made as a quality product, at an incredible price for it easily being the best makeup sponge out there. 🙂

Face Brush (at the most left):

For me this one can only be used for bronzing. Due to it being angled and fluffy, it’s great for that! I wouldn’t set my powder with it because I only set in certain areas and this is just too big! And it’s too big to contour with, but bronzing it’s perfect.


Overall Thoughts:

I would buy these for sure. They’re a great gift, made well, cruelty-free, multi-purpose, and AFFORDABLE. They also get you ulta points 😉 haha. That is it for me!

*I received all of these Real Techniques products complimentary through influenster, but all opinions are my own.*




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