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Holy Grail Clinique Foundation Reviews #loopaloosminireviews


Finally trying some @clinique must-haves in the blogger community. The beyond perfect foundation is pretty wow. It’s super high coverage and looks nice on the skin but I feel I’d only wear it on special occasions. Otherwise I prefer myself a natural coverage and finish. For my scarred, acne prone, sensitive skin ladies and gents this would be great on you for that very reason. I appreciate that Clinique is allergy approved too so for sensitive people it would be really great! I will say there isn’t anything pale princess friendly, so I had to use a foundation mixer with this as it was the lightest shade in 0.5 Breeze. *Sigh*

The continuous coverage makeup is super high coverage as well and again can basically be used like a concealer too. It has some spf so there is some flashback in photos but I like it for summer. Now don’t let these few sentances fool you, it really is awesome. Honestly, I think most people should look to thataylaa on youtube for reviews if you need high coverage or even just have oily skin. Check out this foundation review she did here! Both great products at reasonable prices.

I will say I’m sad this company doesn’t test on animals but they do market to china. Therefore china will test the products as they require it by law. I strongly feel a company should be ethical over financial in their goals but that’s just my own person opinion!

Hope you enjoyed the mini review!

xx Loopa


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