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How to get that Marc Jacobs #CoconutGlow #contest

I am a brutally honest human!

The packaging, BEAUTIFUL, the fact they’re cruelty free sold me already.


The color I didn’t think would work as I’m very pale and don’t have much color, but I tried it anyways. I’m glad I did because somehow it matched perfectly (SHOCKER).

I mixed it in with foundation and bounced it onto my skin after on the high points with a beauty blender after. It lasted all day and night, and it did make me a little glow-ier throughout the day than I normally would be but it was still beautiful, and didn’t make me feel greasy or oily.

The texture was amazing, and formulated in a way it didn’t change my foundation at all in consistency or anything. It blended soooo seamlessly and really is beautiful. I have tan and darker friends who used it too and somehow, magically, it worked for them too!!

Here is the look I created with it! There is no editing, it’s just taken with my professional DSLR which I’ve been practicing the art of arm held selfies with:


I got them to try from @Influenster and @MarcBeauty.

I did receive the Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter complimentary for review purposes.

xx – Loopa

#CoconutGlow #contest


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