About Me


Hi there! I’m Laura. I honestly LOVE makeup. I freelance as an MUA in the Chicagoland (IL) area. At 26  years old, I haven’t gone to actual school to be certified in makeup. I would love to, but alas, with #adulting I don’t have the time at the moment. So I read actual MUArtistry books, learn from others, and people lend me their faces, and obviously I use my own.

I want this blog to be not only reviews, tips/tricks, things I learn and want to share, but I also want to share my love for buying makeup. I adult (notice I love this word/verb), so I can’t just be spending all of my money on makeup, so I enjoy sales and I’d love to share the deals when I find them (and show the ones WORTH it, not the ones people are paid to tell you is a ‘deal’.)


Neat facts about me (non-makeup related):

I am a professional photographer. –> My Flickr here!

I am an artist. (I love painting/drawing and also crafting random things.)

I have cosplayed for 11 years with my best friend Cecily. I love manga, anime, etc. IMA NERD K?

I love videogames.

Everything is beautiful and even if no one else thinks so – I will find the beauty in it.